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Another year, another graduation. ... Okay, so it's a bit higher profile than that. Finally got my Masters in Entertainment Technology from the only school in the world to offer the degree (it's the Randy Pausch program, for those of you who were watching the news half a year ago). Feels good. I think I came full circle from someone who could do a little bit of everything but particularly tech to someone who is legitimately focused on tech but most valuable for being able to do a little bit of everything. In other words, I think I've finally classed up from Red Mage to Red Wizard. Pity nobody's hiring Red Wizards full-time at the moment. Instead, I'll be making do with an intenship at WMS Gaming, which may or may not affect the comic schedule.

One thing more likely to affect the comic is my losing my school server space at long last. This means I'll probably be finding my own domain and shifting all my personal stuff over, and will likely shift Diodes over once everything else is settled. The g33xnexus Precursors team has been awesome, but I know I'm starting to outgrow their space, and they're ramping up for some bigger action themselves as I recall. Whatever happens, there will be a notice or redirect up when any changes occur.
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The following table is as much to convince me that I have more material as it is to convince you. I'll try to keep it updated. What I list in it is exclusively stuff I haven't posted. All strips are in reserve, all plot arcs haven't been more than hinted at, if that, in strips posted so far.

What's to come:
Finished buffer:3 strips
Sketched buffer:4 strips
Plot arcs detailed:~1
Plot arcs hypothesized:~2

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